2016 International Conference for Cell Therapy (7th)

In the past 2015, immune cell therapy for tumor has made great breakthrough. Especially, CAR-T therapy has achieved effective results in many clinical researches, as well as in treatment for solid tumor. A CAR-T therapeutic drug, CTL019, will be probably approved by FDA next year, which will be the first CAR-T therapeutic drug globally. Currently, the traditional immune cell therapy has realized remarkable curative effect in tumor. Besides, the clinical therapy of stem cells has also applied in many serious diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, degenerative disease, autoimmune disease, etc., which have made a series of achievement in clinic. However, since the most complicated biotherapy at present, cell therapy still has numerous difficult technical points to be overcome. Moreover, the exact action mechanisms of the therapy remain unclear, especially the clinical effectiveness and safety, both of which still lie in the focus of current concerns and debates. On the other hand, the approval for clinical application of the 3rd medical technology was canceled by National Health and Family Planning Commission in July, which was conducive to the immune cell therapy. After that, Clinical Research Management Method for Stem Cell (trial implementation) was issued to specify the development and supervision for clinical research of stem cell. It will promote the healthy development of stem cell research and provide much better serves in clinic.

As the 7th of the conference series, 2016 International Conference for Cell Therapy will continue to take translational medicine as a cut-in point and combine basic research with clinical application. We will invite top-notch experts from basic research and clinical practice in the field of cell therapy domestic and overseas to discuss the a series of hot topics, such as cell therapy ethics, quality control of cell products, tumor CAR-T and CAR-NK cell therapies, TCR therapy, clinical therapeutic application of iPSCs, tumor immune checkpoint blockade therapy, T-cell adoptive immunotherapy, stem cell transplantation therapy, combined use of gene editing and stem cell techniques, gene-modified cell therapy, microencapsulated cell transplantation, application of 3D printing in tissue engineering, etc.

We sincerely invite you to join us in this conference in Wuhan!


speaker (in alphabetical order):

艾辉胜 教授


程临钊 Professor
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Topic:Human genome editing in stem cells for novel cell and gene therapies

韩为东 教授

演讲主题:modification of immune cells against cancer and neoadjuvant conditioning primed cart clinical therapy

黄晓军 教授


李光申 教授

演讲主题:Translational application of mesenchymal stem cells

裴端卿 教授


裴雪涛 教授


吴明远 总裁


夏建川 教授

演讲题目:何看待CarT细胞和TCR T细胞在临床治疗中的作用

杨 林 教授


张鸿声 教授

演讲主题: CAR-T细胞治疗的临床转化和展望

张 毅 教授