Next-Generation CAR & TCR-T Seminar
Dear Guests:


Next-Generation CAR & TCR-T Seminar will be held during 21st and 22nd on October in Shanghai. We would like to invite you to attend this seminar as our guests sincerely due to your great achievements and impact.


Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Immunotherapy(CAR-T)and T cell receptors Immunotherapy (TCR-T) are considered as the most promising tumor immune cells treatment succeeding the classical resection, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which has developed to be the focus of tumor immunotherapy at present both at home and abroad. From the first generation in 2010 to the fifth universal one nowadays, recent years have truly witnessed the rapid development of the CAR-T technology and it has aroused attention of the world for its outstanding effects in hemopathy. Taking Novartis’s CTL019 for an example, its complete remission of children and young adults who suffer from the recurrent/refractory acute lymphoblastic leukemia (r/r All) has been up to 93% (n=55/59). FDA has approved its breakthrough therapy and is expected to launch in 2017. For another, TCR-T has achieved good therapeutic effects in the field of solid tumor and the use of targeted therapy by NY-ESO-1-LAGE-1 can alleviate 80% patients of multiple myeloma in the late stage and as well have fewer side effects with none of them has suffered from macrophage activation syndrome or cytokine release syndrome.


Clinical trials targeted at solid tumors are underway intensively like hepatoma carcinoma CAR-T cell immunotherapy of targeted GPC3, malignant gliomas CAR-T cell immunotherapy of targeted EGFR and positive solid tumor CAR-T cell immunotherapy of targeted MUC 1. In addition, the combination of CAR-T and genome editing, the combination of CAR-T and immune checkpoint inhibitors and its safety switch have gathered public attention and come into new research hotspots .


However, the high recurrence rate of CAR-T treatment and the problem of off-target in both CAR-T and TCR-T treatment should also be modified together. After that, the supervision on technical safety and standardized operation is also needed to be improved. Therefore, Bioon Group is launching the Next-Generation CAR & TCR-T Seminar to invite renowned experts and scholars domestic and overseas in the circle of CAR-T and TCR-T. Cell therapy polices and standards will be the focus and the development of their technology and the statistics of clinical tests will be discussed to indicate the direction for CAR-T & TCR-T in China.


In this connection, We would like to invite you to attend the seminar as our honored guests. If you need any further assistance please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to meeting you in Shanghai.


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Next-Generation CAR & TCR-T Seminar

Conference profile

General information:

Time:October 21 and 22, 2016

Location: Shanghai

Conference Official website:

Host unit: Bioon Group


Guests to be invited





Carl H.June

University of Pennsylvania (Perelman)

Qijun Qian

Shanghai Engineering Cell Therapy Research Center

Hu Chen

The 307th Hospital of Military Chinese People's Liberation Army

Xiaotong Song

Baylor college of medicine

Youhai Chen

University of Pennsylvania

Yuping Sun

Shangdong University

Weidong Han

The 301st  Hospital of Military Chinese People's Liberation Army

Gen Tian

Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital (Tumor biological therapy department)

He Huang

The First Affiliated Hospital of Medical School of Zhejiang University

Xiaoou Tian

Patent Examination Cooperation Center

Shulin Huang

Guangdong Pharmaceutical University (School of Life Science and Biopharmaceutis)

Rongfu Wang

Cornell University

Yangqiu Li

Jinan University

Yuquan Wei

State/National Key Laboratory of Biotherapy

Yi Li

Guangzhou Insititute of Biomedicine and Health,Chinese Academy of Sciences

Lin Yang

Suzhou University

Linrong Lu

Medical College of Zhejiang University (Research Institute of Immunology)

Jiacheng Yu

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Xudong Ma

National Health and Family Planning Commission

Longji Zhang

University of Florida( Immunotherapy Laboratory)

Lizhi Niu

Fuda Tumour Hospital

Suhren Zhang

Peking Union Medical College


Conference theme

Policy and Regulation

Basic and Clinical Research on CAR-T

Basic and Clinical Research on TCR-T

Cell therapy security

scFv design

Choice of tumor associated antigen TAA

Cell preparation standard

Viral vector design


Clinical trial registration

Next generation CAR-T(the 5th generation CAR-T, Armored CAR-T)

TCR gene modification

Patent application

CAR-T gene editing

Screening of high-affinity TCR


the combination of CAR-T and immune checkpoint inhibitors

clinical cases on solid tumor (melanoma, sarcoma and thyroid cancer)


clinical cases on hemopathy

gene knockout endogenous TCR by gene editing


clinical cases on solid tumor

TCR pairing



Monitor of biomarkers



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