This page is a fairly random handful of the amazing waterfall of information on the Internet. Some of the best I have found (in a non-exhaustive search) are listed first.

The Digital Anatomist - a wonderful collection of slides, diagrams, 3D images, and video clips on clinical neuroanatomy. From the University of Washington.

The Global Brainstem - a thorough review of everything in the brainstem, including diagrams, slides, questions, and clinical notes. From the University of Wisconsin.

The Global Spinal Cord - another in the U. Wisconsin series, just as good. Reviews all of those tracts.

Cranial Nerve Review - also from U. Wisc., but really the Global Brainstem is a better source of information.

The Global Cerebellum - also from U. Wisc., a comprehensive tutorial on cerebellar function.

The Virtual Hospital - photos of actual pathology specimens from the University of Iowa. A fascinating site.

The Neuron and the Nervous System - basic (not clinical) neuroscience and electrophysiology are reviewed in this site.

General Overview of the Nervous System - a review of neuro-embryology and some key anatomical definitions.

The Whole Brain Atlas - great neuropathology images from a little hospital in Boston.

The Basal Ganglia - an extensive tutorial from the University of Manitoba.

Histology of the Eye - slides of every part of the eye, from Indiana U.

The Cochlea - a small site with excellent diagrams, from right here at Wash. U.

Neuroscience Vocabulary - an alphabetized glossary of neuroscience lingo, courtesy of the productive folks at U. of Wisconsin.

Neuroanatomy and Neuropathology on the Net - browse through a gazillion sites.